About Us

Over 20 years of being
on the import & export market

Over 2000 drivers from all over the world are already driving our vehicles.


Who are we
and what are we offering?

We have been handling import, export and transport of commercial vehicles for over 20 years. We mainly import vehicles from Western Europe. By cooperating with trusted commercial partners, we have a number of our own purchase points, owing to which we constantly have access to the best currently available vehicles. We cooperate with customers from Central Europe, Eastern Europe, as well as with Arab countries.

An attractive offer is the basis of our activity

Trusted vehicles are the pillar of a trouble-free and safe transaction. We offer only trustworthy solutions which guarantee trouble-free usage. Each of the vehicles we are offering is inspected in our car repair shop, and any potential malfunctions are removed immediately.

When buying our vehicles, you can rest assured that:
– they are from a legal source
– they are accident-free
– they are technically efficient at the time of sale

We are sweating blood in order to meet your expectations

Ever since the beginning of our company, we have been focusing on building good relations with our customers, as such an approach results in a long-term and fruitful cooperation. It also allows us to achieve better and better sales results. And in turn, all of this brings constant development of the company, both in terms of the acquired experience and building a capital which will allow us to continuously expand the range of the services we are offering.