Vehicle and semi-trailer service

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we have launched a truck and semi-trailer service. In our offer, we have a full range of repair services, as well as transport of vehicles to our service. Owing to efficient service, we are able to handle your vehicles quickly and efficiently, so as to minimize the downtime of your fleet.

We offer e.g. the following:

Technical inspections

We inspect the current technical condition of your vehicle and we fix / replace the parts requiring urgent intervention.

Gearbox repairs

We offer repairing all most popular types of gearboxes, both manual and automatic.

Engine repairs

We ensure comprehensive service within the scope of diesel engine repairs, from replacing the gaskets up to complete regeneration.

Suspension repairs

We handle all types of works related to maintaining the good condition of the suspension and brake system of trucks and semi-trailers.

Electronics repairs

We provide services within the scope of maintenance and repairs of electric and electronic systems in all types of trucks.

Transport to our service

We offer transport to our service to all the customers whose vehicle cannot make it there on its own.
You can talk to Bouzid about the service offer