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Alg-Pol has over 20 years of experience in the commercial vehicle import and export industry. Ever since the beginning of the company, we have been putting a lot of emphasis on the high quality of the offered products and of the level of our customer service. We understand the needs of our customers perfectly and try to meet all of those needs.

Truck & Trailers


We buy all types of trucks. We will buy the vehicle from you, regardless of its technical condition and origin. Use our form and send us your proposal.

Vehicle and semi-trailer


In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we have launched a truck and semi-trailer service. In our offer, we have a full range of repair services, as well as transport of vehicles to our service. Owing to efficient service, we are able to handle your vehicles quickly and efficiently, so as to minimize the downtime of your fleet.

Low loader


We have been handling the international transport of vehicles almost from the beginning of the company. We have been transporting the vehicles of our customers in almost all regions of the European Union for over 15 years. We offer very attractive cooperation terms, and as a reliable entity, we have a wide range of permissions and insurances guaranteeing safety and high quality of the services we are offering.

Truck & Trailers


We have almost every available type of commercial vehicles in our offer. Select the category you are interested in and find your car. If you did not find any offer you would be interested in, you can always let us know you are in need of a specific type or model of car. We will surely help you.